Route Map

Description of route

Route 53 travels between Geelong and Torquay via Surf Coast Hwy.

The 11:10pm departure is Friday night only.

Route 53 – Geelong to Torquay (Bell St)

Departs from Geelong Station and travels via Railway Tce, Mercer St, Malop St, Moorabool St, High St, Corio St, Torquay Rd, Surf Coast Hwy, Merrijig Dr, Fischer St, Bristol Rd, Pearl St, Boston Rd, Pearl St, Anderson St, The Esplanade, and terminates at Bell St Torquay.

Route 53 – Torquay to Geelong

Departs from Bell St, Torquay and runs via The Esplanade, Anderson St, Pearl St, Boston Rd, Pearl St, Bristol Rd, Fischer St, Merrijig Dr, Surf Coast Hwy, Torquay Rd, Corio St, High St, Moorabool St, Malop St, Mercer St, Railway Tce, and terminates at Geelong Station.

Train Timetables

V/Line operate the train services between Melbourne and Geelong. The above link will open their web site in a new page. To find the Geelong train timetable, go to the timetables section.

Customers please note

  • Buses operate to a Saturday timetable on public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday when a Sunday timetable shall apply.

  • Times shown with ‘F’ operate on Friday as a combined V/Line and Route 51 service to Lorne. This services departs from the V/Line stop at Geelong Station.

  • Most buses on this service connects with trains at Marshall Station

  • From time to time, bus schedules may change or be delayed without notice due to unforeseen circumstance

  • Services marked with this symbol are operated by wheelchair accessible vehicles except in unforeseen circumstances. This may not apply on school holidays, please contact McHarry’s Buslines on 5223 2111 to confirm. Click here for more details of our wheelchair services.

Customers Tips

When using our services, we want you to be safe. Here are some tips that may assist you in making your trip more enjoyable.

  • Customer information tools

    There is a range of handy mobile and online tools available to help you access public transport information wherever you are in Victoria

  • Bus Safety

    There are a number of things that you can do to make your bus journey safer and more secure.

  • Travelling with Children

    Public transport is a fun and easy way to travel around Geelong with children. Children aged four years and under travel for free right across Victoria.
    When travelling with a pram, hold on to the pram and make sure your child is strapped in securely. Apply the brake to prevent it from rolling.
Bell St at Munday St Inbound5:316:016:327:037:368:018:25
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound5:346:046:357:067:398:048:28
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West5:436:146:457:167:498:148:41
Mount Duneed Feehans Road5:536:236:537:257:588:228:52
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound6:036:337:047:358:118:329:05
Geelong Station @ Bay 46:156:457:187:478:268:459:20
Bell St at Munday St Inbound9:039:3810:0110:3411:0611:3412:01
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound9:069:4110:0410:3711:0911:3712:04
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West9:179:5210:1510:4911:2011:4912:15
Mount Duneed Feehans Road9:2510:0010:2310:5811:2811:5812:23
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound9:3510:1010:3311:1011:3812:1012:33
Geelong Station @ Bay 49:4710:2210:4511:2511:5012:2512:45
Bell St at Munday St Inbound12:331:031:381:582:362:533:40
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound12:361:061:412:012:392:563:43
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West12:481:171:522:142:503:083:54
Mount Duneed Feehans Road12:591:252:002:232:583:184:02
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound1:091:352:102:353:083:304:12
Geelong Station @ Bay 41:241:472:222:503:203:474:24
Bell St at Munday St Inbound3:554:354:575:426:026:417:06
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound3:584:385:005:456:056:447:09
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West4:094:495:125:566:176:557:21
Mount Duneed Feehans Road4:204:575:246:046:297:037:32
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound4:335:075:376:146:397:137:41
Geelong Station @ Bay 44:495:195:526:266:537:257:55
Bell St at Munday St Inbound8:088:5910:1012:22
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound8:119:0210:1312:25
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West8:239:1410:2512:37
Mount Duneed Feehans Road8:349:2410:3512:47
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound8:439:3410:4512:57
Geelong Station @ Bay 48:559:4610:571:09

Bell St at Munday St Inbound6:387:147:518:158:369:109:40
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound6:417:177:548:188:399:139:43
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West6:527:288:068:298:519:249:55
Mount Duneed Feehans Road7:017:378:188:389:009:3310:04
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound7:147:508:318:519:149:4610:17
Geelong Station @ Bay 47:268:028:429:039:279:5810:30
Bell St at Munday St Inbound10:1510:3711:1711:4012:1512:371:16
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound10:1810:4011:2011:4312:1812:401:19
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West10:2910:5211:3111:5512:2912:521:30
Mount Duneed Feehans Road10:3811:0111:4012:0612:381:031:39
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound10:5111:1411:5312:1712:511:141:52
Geelong Station @ Bay 411:0311:2712:0512:301:031:272:04
Bell St at Munday St Inbound1:402:153:143:575:005:587:04
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound1:432:183:174:005:036:017:07
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West1:552:303:284:125:156:127:17
Mount Duneed Feehans Road2:042:393:374:215:256:237:29
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound2:172:523:504:345:366:347:40
Geelong Station @ Bay 42:303:054:024:475:506:477:52
Bell St at Munday St Inbound7:59
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound8:02
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West8:13
Mount Duneed Feehans Road8:25
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound8:35
Geelong Station @ Bay 48:47
Bell St at Munday St Inbound7:147:548:128:399:079:4210:13
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound7:177:578:158:429:109:4510:16
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West7:288:088:278:539:229:5610:28
Mount Duneed Feehans Road7:378:178:399:029:3110:0510:37
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound7:508:308:529:159:4510:1810:50
Geelong Station @ Bay 48:028:429:039:279:5810:3011:03
Bell St at Munday St Inbound10:3911:1511:4212:1312:391:141:42
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound10:4211:1811:4512:1612:421:171:45
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West10:5311:3011:5612:2812:531:291:56
Mount Duneed Feehans Road11:0211:3912:0512:391:021:402:05
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound11:1511:5212:1812:501:151:512:18
Geelong Station @ Bay 411:2712:0512:301:031:272:042:30
Bell St at Munday St Inbound2:153:123:575:015:597:04
Torquay Pearl & Boston Inbound2:183:154:005:046:027:07
Merrijig Dr Wadawurrung Way West2:303:274:125:156:127:18
Mount Duneed Feehans Road2:393:364:225:266:247:30
Torquay Rd & Spring St Inbound2:523:494:335:376:357:40
Geelong Station @ Bay 43:054:024:475:506:477:52