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Mc Harrys is a major employer in the broader Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula region with approximately 330 employees. Our business is family owned and operated, and has been providing public transport services for over 95 years.

We are regularly recruiting for BUS DRIVERS & VEHICLE MAINTENANCE STAFFCheck for the latest vacancies or contact us below.

Our Approach to Our Employees

Our approach recognises that as important as receiving a wage is, work is also about people wanting to:

  • Utilise their abilities
  • Be passionate about what they do
  • Be kept safe and have job security
  • Feel like they contribute to something worthwhile

With this ‘whole of person’ approach to our staff, we have an onsite health centre, with fully equipped gymnasium staffed by qualified trainers, and a Bowen Therapist.

Employees are also able to access our free ‘Employee Assistance Program’ with access to qualified psychologists should the need arise.

We are proud to have a history of supporting our employees (and their communities) in times of need.

Why become a Bus Driver

Employment as a Bus Driver is a rewarding experience where you can immediately see the benefit you are providing to a wide range of people in the community. To be competent, bus driving requires both outstanding driving and customer service skills. Our drivers are engaged on either a full time basis or doing regular casual work driving school runs.

This video gives some insights into working in the bus industry:

What do I need to do to become a bus driver.

Our company offers the following career opportunities:

  • Bus Driving
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Panel beating and spray painting
  • Chaperones for disabled passengers
  • Service Delivery and operational roles
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Roles

I have worked with McHarry’s as a bus driver since July 2006. I like their old school family values… they appreciate their employees and the work we do, which can be quite varied from day-to-day. They provide well maintained vehicles, and up to date training. My work colleagues have become good friends through our interaction at work and our active Social Club. I have not worked in a better environment and hope to stay at McHarry’s until I retire.

Huw - current employee

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    Respect Our Drivers

    All staff should feel safe and secure in their workplace, free from aggression, violence, antisocial behaviour and racism.

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