Servicing the needs of our customers is important to us. All Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula public routes are serviced by ultra-low floor accessible vehicles designed for those customers who have mobility impairment, and may use a wheelchair or mobility aid.

Some V/Line services are serviced by wheelchair accessible buses. If you require a V/Line wheelchair service, please confirm with us before traveling by calling   03 5223 2111.

Other than large ride on scooters, mobility scooters are welcomed on board ultra-low-floor, accessible buses.  The overall width of the scooter needs to be less than 800 mm for entry onto the bus and be able to negotiate a door height of 1400mm.  Scooters need to fit within an allocated space of 800 mm wide by 1300 mm long.  For maneuverability they need to turn 180 degrees within an area of 2070 mm by 1540 mm.

Wheel chairs and scooters must have restraint points to prevent excessive movement. Contact us if you need further information.