School bus safety and travel expectations

There are a number of important travel expectations to keep students safe and to ensure an enjoyable and stress free trip to and from school.

  • Carry a valid ticket. Without it you could face a fine.
  • Wear seat belts – it is the responsibility of the student to wear a seat belt where fitted on the bus.
  • Responsible conduct in and around, and on the bus – Antisocial behaviour or threating/abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.  Schools will be notified of any poor behaviour.
  • Take care when crossing the road – Always cross from the rear once the bus has departed from the stop and you have clear vision of each direction of the road.
  • Do not approach moving buses – stand well back from the road, and don’t push or shove whilst waiting. Never attempt to board a bus whilst it is still in motion.
  • Stay behind safety barriers where installed – many schools have safety barriers installed to separate students and buses. Please stay behind safety barriers until buses have come to a complete stop.
  • Whilst onboard – Sit down and hold on. Keep noise down as the driver has to concentrate on driving.

The following YouTube clip shows some helpful safety hints