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Route 42 travels between Geelong and Deakin University, Waurn Ponds via Belmont, South Valley Rd, Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Heyers Rd and Waurn Ponds Station. Route 41 – Geelong to Deakin University via Grovedale and Route 40 – Geelong to Deakin University via Breakwater also services similar areas in Grovedale.

Route 42 – Geelong to Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Departs from Geelong Station and runs via Railway Tce, Mercer St, Malop St, Moorabool St, High St, Mt Pleasant Rd, Morris St, Roslyn Rd, South Valley Rd, Glastonbury Dr, Pioneer Rd, Burdoo Dr, Heyers Rd, Rossack Dr, Bodega St and Sugargum Dr to Waurn Ponds Station then via Sugargum Dr, Ghazeepore Rd, Colac Rd, Pigdons Rd and Alfred Deakin Dr to Deakin University, Waurn Ponds.

Route 42 – Deakin University, Waurn Ponds to Geelong

Departs from Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, and runs via Alfred Deakin Dr, Pigdons Rd, Colac Rd, Ghazeepore Rd, Sugargum Dr to Waurn Ponds Station then via Sugargum Dr, Bodega St, Rossack Dr, Heyers Rd, Burdoo Dr, Pioneer Rd, Glastonbury Dr, South Valley Rd, Roslyn Rd, Morris St, Mt Pleasant Rd, High St, Moorabool St, Malop St, Mercer St and Railway Tce to Geelong Station.

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V/Line operate the train services between Melbourne and Geelong. The above link will open their web site in a new page. To find the Geelong train timetable, go to the timetables section.

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Deakin Uni WP5:406:276:467:087:357:548:14
Waurn Ponds Station5:476:356:537:167:438:018:22
Waurn Ponds SC5:556:447:027:257:528:128:32
Highton Library6:026:527:097:348:028:238:42
Belmont SC6:096:587:167:408:108:318:51
Moorabool St6:167:047:247:488:198:409:00
Geelong Station6:197:087:297:538:238:449:04
Deakin Uni WP8:379:019:189:4010:0210:1910:37
Waurn Ponds Station8:459:089:269:4710:0910:2610:45
Waurn Ponds SC8:559:189:369:5710:1810:3510:54
Highton Library9:039:269:4410:0410:2510:4311:01
Belmont SC9:119:339:5110:1210:3210:5011:08
Moorabool St9:219:4210:0010:2110:4010:5811:16
Geelong Station9:259:4710:0410:2610:4511:0211:20
Deakin Uni WP10:5511:1711:3512:0212:2312:431:06
Waurn Ponds Station11:0311:2511:4312:0912:3012:501:14
Waurn Ponds SC11:1211:3411:5212:1812:3912:591:23
Highton Library11:2011:4212:0012:2712:481:081:31
Belmont SC11:2611:4812:0912:3312:541:151:37
Moorabool St11:3411:5612:1812:411:021:241:45
Geelong Station11:3812:0012:2212:451:061:281:49
Deakin Uni WP1:251:442:032:262:433:063:27
Waurn Ponds Station1:331:522:112:342:513:143:34
Waurn Ponds SC1:422:012:202:433:003:233:44
Highton Library1:492:082:282:503:073:313:54
Belmont SC1:562:152:352:573:143:394:02
Moorabool St2:032:222:423:063:223:484:10
Geelong Station2:082:272:483:123:263:534:14
Deakin Uni WP3:474:074:294:515:075:375:56
Waurn Ponds Station3:554:154:364:585:145:446:04
Waurn Ponds SC4:044:244:455:075:235:536:13
Highton Library4:124:324:535:155:316:016:20
Belmont SC4:204:394:595:225:376:076:26
Moorabool St4:284:475:075:305:456:156:34
Geelong Station4:334:525:115:345:506:196:38
Deakin Uni WP6:116:347:007:468:35
Waurn Ponds Station6:186:417:087:548:42
Waurn Ponds SC6:276:497:168:028:50
Highton Library6:346:567:238:098:58
Belmont SC6:407:037:298:149:03
Moorabool St6:487:117:378:229:09
Geelong Station6:527:157:418:269:13
Deakin Uni WP7:248:269:1610:2411:2212:251:23
Waurn Ponds Station7:308:329:2210:3011:2812:311:29
Waurn Ponds SC7:398:419:3110:4011:3712:401:38
Highton Library7:468:499:4010:4711:4512:481:46
Belmont SC7:528:559:4710:5611:5412:551:53
Moorabool St8:009:039:5511:0412:021:032:00
Geelong Station8:049:069:5811:0912:061:072:04
Deakin Uni WP2:273:244:255:266:287:238:28
Waurn Ponds Station2:333:304:315:326:347:298:34
Waurn Ponds SC2:423:394:405:416:427:378:43
Highton Library2:503:474:485:486:507:458:50
Belmont SC2:573:534:545:546:567:508:56
Moorabool St3:054:015:016:027:047:579:03
Geelong Station3:094:055:056:067:088:019:07
Deakin Uni WP9:1610:2411:2212:251:242:273:24
Waurn Ponds Station9:2210:3011:2812:311:302:333:30
Waurn Ponds SC9:3110:3911:3712:401:392:423:38
Highton Library9:3910:4811:4512:481:462:503:46
Belmont SC9:4610:5411:5212:541:532:563:53
Moorabool St9:5411:0212:001:022:003:044:01
Geelong Station9:5811:0612:041:052:043:074:05
Deakin Uni WP4:255:26
Waurn Ponds Station4:315:32
Waurn Ponds SC4:405:41
Highton Library4:485:49
Belmont SC4:545:55
Moorabool St5:016:01
Geelong Station5:056:05