Coronavirus (COVID-19) response 21st May, 2020

McHarry’s Buslines is taking all appropriate steps in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure our practices maximise the safety of our employees and customers on board our buses. We are acting on all relevant advice from the Australian and Victorian government, and closely monitoring any changes.

We have received confirmation from the Victorian Government that public transport is exempt from the broader community social distancing guidelines as it is simply not practical to comply in all situations.  Buses will run to a normal timetable and additional services are not able to be added.

We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting in buses and depots each day, and have advised our drivers to wash their hands or use sanitiser at regular intervals throughout their shift.

Social distancing is in place within all our depots.

All staff are provided the latest updates to ensure they’re well informed, and the front row of seating has been reserved in order to enable social distancing with the driver.

We are encouraging all customers to take steps to minimise the risk of coronavirus with posters onboard buses below.

Cash on Buses

Public Transport Victoria have directed bus operators to cease handling cash during the current pandemic.
Passengers are reminded that they are still required to have a valid ticket when travelling, and should access off-bus top up options wherever possible. Registering your myki online and using auto top-up are some of the ways to do this.

Additional Measures to Enhance Safety

Passengers are responsible for maintaining a social distance of 1.5m where possible on board and at stops. Drivers are not required to ‘police’ social distancing.

Passengers should carry hand sanitiser and follow good cough, sneeze and hand sanitation practices.

Drivers and passengers are not to report to work or board the bus if they are ill.

Food is not to be consumed on the bus.

Drivers and passengers are encouraged to download the Government’s COVID Safe App.

School Buses

For additional information on the operation of school bus services with the return to school on Tuesday 26th May 20 see here school bus services.

Wishing you all stay well

The following posters are onboard our buses to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

Ten ways to reduce your risk of coronavirus

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 on this bus