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Route 56 travels between Geelong and Queenscliff via Bellarine Hwy, Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale. Route 32 – Geelong to Leopold and Route 61 – Geelong to Drysdale via Leopold & Clifton Springs also services along Bellarine Hwy to Leopold. Route 55 – Geelong to Ocean Grove via Barwon Heads also services Ocean Grove.

Route 56 – Geelong to Queenscliff

Departs from Geelong Station and runs via Railway Tce, Mercer St, Malop St, Moorabool St, Ryrie St, Sydney Pde, Ormond Rd, Bellarine Hwy, Melaluka Rd, Gateway Plaza Access Rd, Melaluka Rd, Bellarine Hwy, Grubb Rd, Shell Rd, Fellows Rd, Ocean Rd, Point Lonsdale Rd, Queenscliff Rd (Bellarine Hwy), Flinders St, Bethune St, King St, Hesse St and Wharf St to Queenscliff Ferry Terminal.

Route 56 – Queenscliff to Geelong

Departs from Queenscliff Ferry Terminal and runs via Wharf St, Hesse St, King St, Bethune St, Flinders St, Queenscliff Rd (Bellarine Hwy), Point Lonsdale Rd, Ocean Rd, Fellows Rd, Shell Road, Ocean Grove Market Place Access Rd, Kingston Downs Dr, Shell Rd, Grubb Rd, Bellarine Hwy, Melaluka Rd, Gateway Plaza Access Rd, Melaluka Rd, Bellarine Hwy, Ormond Rd, Sydney Pde, Ryrie St, Moorabool St, Malop St, Mercer St and Railway Tce to Geelong Station.

Train Timetables

V/Line operate the train services between Melbourne and Geelong. The above link will open their web site in a new page. To find the Geelong train timetable, go to the timetables section.

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  • Buses operate to a Saturday timetable on public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday when a Sunday timetable shall apply.

  • From time to time, bus schedules may change or be delayed without notice due to unforeseen circumstance

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  • Travelling with Children

    Public transport is a fun and easy way to travel around Geelong with children. Children aged four years and under travel for free right across Victoria.
    When travelling with a pram, hold on to the pram and make sure your child is strapped in securely. Apply the brake to prevent it from rolling.
56 Queenscliff to Geelong (weekday)
Queenscliff Marina5:306:107:208:539:5511:541:55
Queenscliff Post office 5:326:127:238:569:5811:571:58
Pt Lons Bowling Club5:396:207:339:0410:0612:052:06
OG Market Place 5:516:347:469:1810:2012:192:20
Bellarine Sec Coll ............................
Gateway Plaza SC6:086:528:079:3610:3812:372:38
Newcomb SC6:147:008:159:4410:4612:452:46
Ormond Rd6:167:028:189:4610:4812:472:48
Geelong Hospital 6:207:078:279:5410:5612:542:56
Moorabool St 6:227:098:299:5610:5812:572:58
Geelong Station6:257:128:3410:0011:021:013:02
Queenscliff Marina3:064:065:176:558:38
Queenscliff Post office 3:094:095:206:588:41
Pt Lons Bowling Club3:174:175:287:068:49
OG Market Place 3:314:315:427:209:03
Bellarine Sec Coll 3:35................
Gateway Plaza SC3:554:495:597:369:19
Newcomb SC4:034:576:077:439:26
Ormond Rd4:064:596:097:459:28
Geelong Hospital 4:145:076:147:509:33
Moorabool St 4:175:096:167:529:35
Geelong Station4:225:136:197:579:38
56 Geelong to Queenscliff (weekday)
Geelong Station6:447:569:3910:3612:361:363:20
Moorabool St6:488:009:4310:4012:401:403:24
Geelong Hospital 6:508:029:4510:4212:461:423:26
Ormond Road6:548:089:5010:4712:551:483:32
Newcomb SC6:568:119:5310:5012:581:513:36
Gateway Plaza SC7:068:2010:0311:001:032:013:46
Bellarine Sec Coll....8:42....................
OG Market Place7:248:4510:2111:191:192:204:05
Kirk Rd7:358:5610:3311:311:312:324:17
Queenscliff Post Office 7:439:0510:4111:391:392:414:26
Queenscliff Marina7:469:0810:4411:421:422:444:29
Geelong Station4:025:236:277:289:20
Moorabool St4:065:276:317:329:24
Geelong Hospital 4:095:306:347:349:26
Ormond Road4:155:366:397:399:30
Newcomb SC4:195:406:427:429:33
Gateway Plaza SC4:285:496:517:519:43
Bellarine Sec Coll....................
OG Market Place4:476:077:098:0910:00
Kirk Rd4:596:197:218:2110:12
Queenscliff Post Office 5:076:277:298:2910:20
Queenscliff Marina5:106:307:328:3210:22

56 Queenscliff to Geelong (Saturday)
Queenscliff Marina7:058:5310:5212:482:554:586:55
Queenscliff Post Office7:088:5610:5512:512:585:016:58
Pt Lons Bowling Club 7:169:0611:051:003:085:097:06
OG Market Place 7:289:1811:171:133:195:217:18
Gateway Plaza SC7:439:3411:331:293:345:367:33
Newcomb SC7:519:4211:411:373:425:447:41
Ormond Rd7:539:4511:441:403:445:467:43
Geelong Hospital7:589:5111:501:463:495:517:48
Moorabool St 8:009:5311:521:483:535:537:50
Geelong Station8:039:5711:561:523:565:567:53
56 Geelong to Queenscliff (Saturday)
Geelong Station7:329:3511:351:353:355:357:18
Moorabool St 7:369:3911:391:393:395:397:22
Geelong Hospital7:389:4111:411:413:415:417:24
Ormond Road7:439:4611:461:463:465:467:29
Newcomb SC7:469:4911:491:493:495:497:32
Gateway Plaza SC7:569:5911:591:593:595:597:42
OG Market Place 8:1510:1812:182:184:186:188:01
Kirk Rd8:2710:3012:302:304:306:308:13
Queenscliff Post Office8:3510:3812:382:384:386:388:21
Queenscliff Marina8:3810:4112:412:414:416:418:24
56 Queenscliff to Geelong (Sunday)
Queenscliff Marina8:2810:5312:532:464:54
Queenscliff Post Office8:3110:5712:562:514:57
Pt Lons Bowling Club8:3911:061:063:005:06
OG Market Place 8:5111:201:183:095:18
Gateway Plaza SC9:0611:351:333:235:35
Newcomb SC9:1411:411:403:335:42
Ormond Road 9:1611:441:443:355:45
Geelong Hospital9:2111:491:493:405:49
Moorabool St9:2311:521:533:425:51
Geelong Station9:2611:561:573:455:53
56 Geelong to Queenscliff (Sunday)
Geelong Station9:1811:181:353:355:35
Moorabool St 9:2211:221:393:395:39
Geelong Hospital9:2411:241:413:415:41
Ormond Road9:2911:291:463:465:46
Newcomb SC9:3211:321:493:495:49
Gateway Plaza SC9:4211:421:593:595:59
OG Market Place10:0112:012:184:186:18
Kirk Rd10:1312:132:304:306:30
Queenscliff Post Office10:2112:212:384:386:38
Queenscliff Marina10:2412:242:414:416:41