New Bus Timetables

Sunday 1 December

From Sunday 1st of December there’ll be new bus timetables on the following routes:

The changes include adjusted bus times and additional Saturday and Sunday services. Timetables can be seen via the links above.

In addition to this, there will no longer be any route 60A trips.  All trips now go through as the same bus.  It is good to see this trial has been successful and is now part of the regular service.

All route 60 buses in St Leonards from December will travel down Leviens Road and The Esplanade as shown below. This will remove buses from Gilbert St. The time point will be in Leviens Road at new bus stops that are about to be built. The rest of the route will remain the same.

Route 60 St Leonards Change

All route 61 services in Curlewis will now go behind the Curlewis Shopping Centre to a new bus stop behind the shops. All current bus stops will remain. New stops will also be implemented along Centennial Blvd so there are stops on both sides of the road. The stop at the shopping centre is marked in green below.

This will be a great improvement to this service for customers, especially on wet days.

Route 61 Curlewis Change