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Gateway Plaza Diversion
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Train Timetables





V/Line operate the train services between Melbourne and Geelong. The above link will open their web site in a new page. To find the Geelong train timetable, go to the timetables section.













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Route 50 Geelong to Jan Juc via Wombah Park

Route 50 travels between Geelong and Jan Juc via Marshall, Surf Coast Hwy, Wombah Park and Torquay. Route 51 - Geelong to Jan Juc via Torquay follows a similar route. Our V/Line - Geelong to Apollo Bay via Great Ocean Road also services Torquay. Route 40 - Geelong to Deakin University via Breakwater also services Marshall Station.



Route 50 public timetables are available via the PTV web site at
50 at Public Transport Victoria - select the correct timetable. New timetables start on 27th of August. More details here.

New timetables effective 27 August 2017 for this service is available here

Most buses on this service connects with trains at Marshall Station


See below for:

Route map
Description of route
Customers please note
Major stops
Network Map


Route map

route 77 map
Click on image for a clearer copy


Description of route

Route 50 – Geelong to Jan Juc

Departs from Geelong Station and travels via Railway Tce, Mercer St, Malop St, Moorabool St, Barwon Heads Rd, Settlement Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, Barwarre Rd, Marshalltown Rd, Marshall Station Access Rd, Marshalltown Rd, Torquay Rd, Surf Coast Hwy, Merrijig Dr, Fischer St, Inshore Dr, Flinders La, Headland Dr, Quay Bvd, Horseshoe Bend Rd, Pacific Dr, Sands Bvd, The Esplanade, Lochard Dr, Fischer St, Bristol Rd, Pearl St and Boston Rd to Torquay Interchange; then via Boston Rd, Pearl St, Anderson St, The Esplanade, Bell St, Great Ocean Rd, Ocean View Cr, Duffields Rd, Great Ocean Rd to the terminus in Strathmore Dr, at the corner of Camrose Ct, Jan Juc.

Route 50 – Jan Juc to Geelong

Departs from Jan Juc terminus and runs via Strathmore Dr, Domain Rd, Sunset Strip, Duffields Rd, Ocean View Cr, Great Ocean Rd, Bell St, The Esplanade, Anderson St, Pearl St and Boston Rd to Torquay Interchange in Boston Rd; then via Pearl St, Bristol Rd, Fischer St, Lochard Dr, The Esplanade, Sands Bvd, Pacific Dr, Horseshoe Bend Rd, Quay Dr, Headland Dr, Flinders La, Inshore Dr, Fischer St, Merrijig Dr, Surf Coast Hwy, Torquay Rd, Marshalltown Rd, Marshall Station, Marshalltown Rd, Barwarre Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, Settlement Rd, Barwon Heads Rd, Moorabool St, Malop St, Mercer St and Railway Tce to Geelong Station.


Customers please note

  • Buses operate to a Saturday timetable on public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday when a Sunday timetable shall apply.

  • Most buses on this service connects with trains at Marshall Station

  • From time to time, bus schedules may change or be delayed without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • wheelchair symbol

    Services marked with this symbol are operated by wheelchair accessible vehicles except in unforeseen circumstances. This may not apply on school holidays, please contact McHarry's Buslines on 5223 2111 to confirm. Click here for more details of our wheelchair services.



Major stops

1. Geelong Station
2. Moorabool St bus interchange (between Malop St and Ryrie St)
3. Breakwater Rd - corner of Barwon Heads Rd
4. Marshall Station
5. Lower Duneed Rd and Surf Coast Hwy
6. Merrijig Dr at Surf Coast Hwy
7. Torquay - corner Boston Rd & Pearl St
8. Jan Juc Terminus - Strathmore Dr corner of Camrose Ct
9. Duffields Rd at St. Andrews Dr, Jan Juc

See a route map of the above major stops

Bellarine Network Map from 21st of June 2015

Geelong Network Map

Geelong Network Map
Click on map to download a pdf version



Train Timetables





V/Line operate the train services between Melbourne and Geelong. The above link will open their web site in a new page. To find the Geelong train timetable, go to the timetables section.


Customer tips when using Public Transport

When using our services, we want you to be safe. Here are some tips that may assist you in making your trip more enjoyable.

Customer information tools
There is a range of handy mobile and online tools available to help you access public transport information wherever you are in Victoria

Bus Safety
There are a number of things that you can do to make your bus journey safer and more secure.

Travelling with Children
Public transport is a fun and easy way to travel around Geelong with children. Children aged three years and under travel for free right across Victoria.

When travelling with a pram, hold on to the pram and make sure your child is strapped in securely. Apply the brake to prevent it from rolling.

Large Print Timetables
If you require a large print timetable, they are available free of charge via Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight).

Waiting for the bus

Get to the bus stop early, and get your myki ready. Stand back from the curb and wait for the bus to arrive. When you see your bus approaching, wave to the driver so it is clear you want this bus. Approach the curb once the bus has completely stopped and customers have finishing getting off the bus.

On the bus

Watch your step and hold the handrail as you board the bus. Keep both feet flat on the floor when standing.

Sit down as soon as you can. Safely store your bags to reduce trip hazards. Vacate the priority area is someone with special needs requires it. Assist or let the driver know if help is needed.

Be respectful to the bus driver and don't distract them while they are driving. They have an important job to drive the bus safely.

If the bus is crowded, move towards the rear.

Give the driver plenty of notice when approaching your stop by pressing the button early.

After the bus

Remove your headphones so you can be completely aware of your surroundings. Never cross the road until the bus has moved away and you can see clearly.


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