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A Day On The Green - Robbie Williams
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School Travel Information - 2017

The following provides general information on school bus travel with McHarry’s Buslines, and answers some of the commonly asked questions that parents and students may have regarding travel around Geelong & the Bellarine Peninsula.


Child Safe Standards Statement of Commitment

McHarry’s Buslines is committed to the Child Safe Standards and compliance with the Child Safety and Wellbeing Act (2005). See more information


See below for

Types of Travel
Fares & Passes
Conditions of Travel
Bus Stop Locations and Schedules
Passenger Loads
Student Behavior Expectations
Bus Travel Safety

Types of Travel

There are five main types of school bus travel provided by McHarry’s Buslines:

Public route buses in Geelong and on the Bellarine/Surf Coast – students can travel on any of the publicly timetabled route bus services by using a topped up myki, or Victorian or Regional Student Travel Pass loaded on their myki. See our full list of services

Myki School Buses / Conveyance buses – McHarry’s operates a large number of school buses in locations all over Geelong, the Bellarine, Jan Juc, Torquay, & Leopold. Students can travel on these services with a topped up myki, a Victorian or Regional Student Travel Pass loaded on their myki, OR a Conveyance Bus Pass (eligibility criteria applies). Each myki school bus has a unique two or three digit destination code to identify it. You can find your myki school bus here.

Country school bus travel to Geelong schools from outlying areas such as Anakie, Anglesea, Bannockburn, Inverleigh, Little River, Lorne, Maude, Moriac, Teesdale, Steiglitz, and Winchelsea. There are also country bus services available to Apollo Bay P12 College, Moriac Primary School and Bellarine Secondary College. For further information about these services please contact the Bus Coordinator at your local school. An eligibility criteria applies for free travel as determined by the Victorian Department of Early Education and Childhood Development.

Private school buses for Kardinia International College and St Ignatius College – please contact the relevant school for further information.

Special school bus services for Nelson Park and Barwon Valley Schools – please contact the relevant school for further information.


Fares & Passes

Depending on how frequently you wish to travel to school by public bus or myki school bus, there are various fares and pass options available.

Occasional Travel:

Students wishing to travel on an occasional basis can simply purchase a Child or Concession myki, top it up (add credit) and travel as required.  A 2 hour concession fare for travel in a single zone Geelong (zone 4) OR Bellarine (zone 5) is $1.20, and daily fare is $2.40. A 2 hour concession fare for zones 4 & 5 (Geelong AND Bellarine) is $1.70 and daily $3.40.  myki cards can be purchased from the bus driver, 7 Eleven Stores, selected retailers in Geelong, or by contacting Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight)

Students aged 18 years and under are automatically entitled to a concession fare (using a Concession or Child myki), but customers aged 17 & 18 years and over need to present government issued proof of age card or a Victorian Public Transport Concession Card to obtain this concession.  

Applications for Victorian Student Concession Cards are available from schools, Geelong Railway Station or Public Transport Victoria. Please note that school photo identification does not satisfy the Government’s requirements for a concession fare.

Frequent Travel:

An easy and cost effective way for frequent or daily travel is with a bus pass.


Pass Type
Application Process

Conveyance Bus Pass (Bellarine Peninsula and Torquay areas only)

This pass is available for students eligible under the Conveyance Allowance Policy administered by the Department of Education (DET). See DET's website for more information


Apply through your school which will assess the application. If approved, McHarry’s Buslines will be notified and will issue the bus pass to the student via mail.

No cost to parent or student (cost subsidised by DEECD)

myki with Geelong Transit Student  Pass

This pass is for students who travel to and from school within Geelong and/or the Bellarine Peninsula or Torquay and do not want to pay on a daily basis. The pass provides unlimited travel within zones 4 & 5 until the expiry date shown.  These students also need to purchase a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card.

Applications & passes are available from the Geelong train station, your school or via Public Transport Victoria and are for either 6 or 12 month periods

$244 for 6 monthly pass or $465 for a yearly pass.

myki with Victorian Student Pass

This pass provides unlimited travel on all metropolitan trains, trams & buses, on all regional town bus services, and all V/Line services operating wholly within Victoria until the expiry date shown. These students also need to purchase a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card.

Applications & passes are available from the Geelong train station, your school or via Public Transport Victoria and are for either 6 or 12 month periods

$310 for 6 monthly pass or $594 for a yearly pass.

Any student presenting to the bus without the appropriate bus pass will be required to use a topped up myki for travel.

Conditions of Travel

The Transport (Ticketing) Regulation 2006 requires a passenger to carry a valid ticket for their entire journey.  On this basis, student bus passes must be carried and produced to the driver for each journey undertaken. If a bus pass cannot be produced, myki must be used in its place, or travel could be refused.  This requirement will be strictly enforced.  Bus passes are not transferable to any other person. Fare evasion is a serious offence and may attract substantial fines.

Bus Stop Locations and Timetables

Make sure to check with your school or McHarry’s Buslines about the timetables and stop locations for school buses which are relevant to you. Each school bus / conveyance bus will display a unique two or three digit destination code which will assist students to identify the bus they wish to travel on.

Passenger Loads

All of our buses are operated accordance to their legal seating and standing capacities. McHarry’s Buslines also have a policy of ‘no-standees’ in 100 km/h speed zones, even though this is not required by law.   When the school year commences, we find that passenger numbers vary considerably for the first few weeks and students may not get a seat every time. However this is closely monitored and is usually resolved within the first few weeks of school term.

Student Behavior Expectations

Travel on a school bus is essentially an extension of the classroom and requires students to behave as such.  To ensure the safety of all travelers, students are not to:

  • distract the attention of the driver by engaging in any “horseplay” such as yelling or playing pranks

  • fight on the bus or at any bus stop

  • harass the driver or any other passenger on the bus

  • use foul or abusive language

  • vandalise the bus

  • throw litter, food or any other object, in or from a bus

  • allow any part of his/her body to protrude from a bus

  • smoke on the bus

  • breach any law relating to bus travel as set out in the Transport Act.

The driver is required to report behaviour issues which will be sent to the school for follow up. In exceptional circumstances, students can be asked to leave the bus by the driver.

Bus Travel Safety

In addition to student behaviour conditions of travel, other important safety issues to be aware of are:

  • Do not cross the road in front of buses –never cross the road from the front of a bus. Always attempt crossing from the rear once it has departed from the stop and you have clear vision of the road. This allows a clear view for both motorists and the student to cross safely.

  • Do not approach moving buses – stand clear and never attempt to board a bus whilst it is still in motion. Students have been seriously injured by this practice.

  • Stay behind safety barriers where installed – many schools have safety barriers installed to separate students and buses. Please stay behind safety barriers until buses have come to a complete stop.

  • Wear seat belts – it is the responsibility of the student to wear a seat belt where fitted on the bus

Further information is available at the 'Bus Safety' page on the Department of Education and Training web site.

If you require further information, please contact us by
  • Email info@mcharrys.com.au,

  • Phoning us on (03) 5223 2111 (7am to 5.30pm Mon-Fri),

  • Phoning Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight),

  • By fax (03) 5221 4823,

  • In person at 6 Reeves Court, Breakwater (7am until 5.30pm Mon-Fri),

  • PO Box 273, Belmont 3216


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